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General Contractors

Looking to find the right sub for the job?  Unlike other databases of subcontractors available today, AECconnections is the only one that provides you with comprehensive subcontractor prequalification information.  Finding a sub that can perform certain types of work is only part of the story. To select the right sub takes time and effort to collect and analyze their information. AECconnections provides you with the information and tools you need to identify, evaluate, select, and communicate with your subcontractors throughout the estimating and construction phases of your projects.  

Tired of the hassle and cost of maintaining your subs prequalification data? Let AECconnections do it for you at less cost then you can do it for yourself.  AECconnections provides your subs with the tools they need to keep their prequalification information accurate and up to date.  By using state of the art technology, AECconnections captures prequalification data that others can't.  

Tired of being charged for every fax you send or every file you upload?  AECconnections provides you with a variety of comprehensive tools that allow you to electronically share information with your subs at no additional cost. 

Why use multiple systems to find subs, prequalify them, invite them to bid, provide them with drawings and other important project files, and evaluate their performance?  AECconnections provides you with a single integrated solution that allows you to perform all these task using a single system. Subqual includes:

AECconnections Subcontractor Prequalification Database.
Subcontractor Search Engine.
Subcontractor Self Serve Profile Maintenance.
Subcontractor File Sharing.
Subcontractor Messaging.
Subcontractor Project Evaluator.
Subcontractor Performance Tracking.
Subcontractor's Risk Profile Scores.

AECconnections provides you with a multiple options that will meet your unique subcontractor prequalification and communication needs. Contact AECconnections to discuss the option that's best for you.



Network News
7/16/10 - AEC announces new pricing alternatives.
4/2/10 - Subcontractor selection screen now supports sorting by CSI code.
1/20/10 - AEC releases a first of its kind Contractor prequalification system for Owners of Healthcare construction projects.
12/17/09 - AEC announces the anticipated release of it's Lien Tracking and Payment System by 4th. quarter of 2010.



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