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AECconnection provides you with valuable Construction Industry resources

The professionals at AECconnections have provided management advisory services to the Construction Industry for decades and can help you find industry experts with unique construction knowledge and experience to assist you in the following situations:

Claims: If you have a project dispute or think you may be heading into one.

Systems:  If you are considering changing your computer systems.

Bonding:  If you need to get bonded. 

Accounting: If you need accounting assistance.

Legal: Contact us if you need to find construction attorneys.

In addition, AECconnections welcomes the opportunity to share our industry information with our clients.  Please contact us to request the following information:

General Contractor List.

Subcontractor Benchmarking Data - Anticipated to be available 1st. quarter 2011.

Email your request to or call 614.336.0368.

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